A bit about me


Peruvian living in LA, I've been on a long journey of rediscovery, of becoming more self-aware and living true to myself. Lately it's been going from 'cold, cold, freezing, cold'...to...'warm'. And geez that feels good. What sparked the latest aha moments you may ask? Easy. Becoming a mom. But seriously, no one told me I'd be birthing myself along with my kids. And I absolutely love it. After feeling like I’ve breezed through most of my life with name-tags given to me by others, or by myself in an effort to fit the mold, I’m ready to whip out the whiteout and get cranking, refills on hand! It’s time to be honest with myself and proclaim who and what I am.


I'm a business manager metamorphosing into a Healer. (Yep, capital H, cause why not? Dreaming big my friends.)

When my son was born 3 years ago, I took the first big jump from the tech-start-up world to managing hot yoga studios. Now, with the birth of my daughter, I'm ready to take it a step further. To come out from behind the computer & endless excel spreadsheets and take a direct role in connecting with & helping others. To have a healing voice & presence. (The irony of being back here behind the computer is not lost on me, but we're moving past that, k?)


Now don't get too comfy. I said we're warm in this search, not hot. So in this space you'll join me in a beautiful mix of things I love, I'm going through, thinking about, and actively exploring, as I continue to evolve. Musings to come on:

  • Spiritual and personal growth

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Astrology (your girl is a Pisces Sun & Moon, Taurus Rising), psychology, and archetypes

  • Motherhood

  • Joy in the small things (where are my coffee lovers?)

  • Travel, self-care, surfing (which by now I've attempted three times, so I deem enough to make the list)

We'll see how this space and I evolve together.

(These are excerpts my first post, click here for more! Hello, I'm...)

Thanks for being here!

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